Heart Overflowing with Gratitude

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself’ . . .”
C.S. Lewis


Thinking through everything that happened this past semester, if there is something I am completely grateful for are the friendships God has blessed me with.

Many times in life I have this feeling that nobody will understand what I am going through. Consequently I end up keeping things to myself and suffering alone. I sometimes also devalue what I am feeling and leave hurts unsolved and unhealed. Until I (accidentally or just by taking what I think is a crazy step) decide to open up.
I feel raw, exposed, vulnerable…. and understood.
And for me this is truly a miracle.

Therefore I am thankful for people who stood by me when I was aching and could not understand why some things were happening. I am thankful for those strong and warm hugs that did not mind being stained with tears.

I am thankful for those right words that tasted like honey to the soul (Prov 16:24) and for the peace that took over me, transcending all understanding (Phil 4:7). I am thankful for finding out that I will be okay and that I am not alone.

I am thankful for finding out it is worth going out and pouring myself towards someone to help them the best I can – even though at the moment I may not feel I can do my best. But I have learned that when I change my focus towards another for a moment I am able to participate in the blessing too. I am reminded I should not be so self-centered but that I should turn my eyes towards the God that is ever present in times of trouble  (Ps 46:1). I am reminded there is hope, but I will not find it in myself.

I have found out that this life in community is totally worth it and I am thankful for this lesson.

I pray that God will also be able to put wise and loving counselors in your life. People who speak words of life and truth.



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