July BOOK Retrospective

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
C.S. Lewis


Many exciting books came out during the first semester of 2016 and I have decided to share a few favorites of mine since it’s vacation time!


“The Things We Knew”, by Catherine West

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In “The Things We Knew” we follow the story of the Carlisle family, a broken family who is trying to move on after seasons of heartache. The problem is each sibling has not invited the others to participate in their glory and struggles.
When circumstances bring all siblings back to Nantucket, they learn to stop fighting each other and start fighting with each other, helping each other and forgiving each other.
The story of reconciliation is beautiful. The way Catherine West writes is simple and heartwarming. She has no need to add too much detail or drama to make us feel each character’s struggles and to make us understand each one and love each one.
A beautiful book about reconciliation, starting over and healing of broken hearts.

Full review.

“The Ringmaster’s Wife”, by Kristy Cambron

Kristy Cambron’s novels are always a breathe of fresh air. Her special lyrical voice makes the story grow with such beauty and depth that it is almost impossible to let go of the book.
It was fantastic to get to know a little bit about a circus life routine – the behind the curtains. And even though the setting may seem different from our reality, we might find out that it just may not be since we can only be our true selves behind the costumes and masks. I would recommend this book for a book club since there is so much you can take from it.
It is going to be a book that will be on my mind for a while and I will just want to hug it once in a while.
Full review.

“Like Never Before”, by Melissa Tagg

Melissa has become one of my favorite contemporary authors. Her stories always leave me with this goofy smile on my face and with longing – for community, for a deeper relationship with God, for true purpose. During this book, I was also left wishing for a barn to live, a community to be a part of and a news paper to report for. And of course a handsome editor to swoon over.
The most exciting news ever? Her third installment for the Walker family series will come out this fall!!
Full review.

“The Reluctant Duchess”, by Roseanna M. White

This book and the heroine won my heart from page one!
With her lyrical writing and deep description of Rowena’s pain, Roseanna M. White did a very good job in making us feel what the characters felt and making us grow alongside them.
There are many things that a human being does that are difficult to comprehend, and, especially when these abuses come from a dear one, it can be very difficult to overcome the fears and insecurities these situations create.
I cannot praise White’s writing enough in how simple and true she drew the seasons each character went through, making us readers weep and laugh with these characters and just want to hug them sometimes.
Full review.


~ How about you, which books wrapped around your heart and made you *sigh* deeply after you finished them?



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