A Book and a Thought

looking glass lies

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Whose voices do you listen to?
I guess an obvious answer to this last question would be “my own”. But is it truly yours? Or have you let another person dictate your voice? And by that you’ve probably unintentionally let them dictate so much more – your feelings, your likes and dislikes, your self-worth.

In Varina Denman’s new book “Looking Glass Lies” we follow Cecily Ross’s journey. A journey of self-rediscovery. Of healing and forgiveness. And of letting go and opening up.
It is not an easy journey and many might think that the author chose the easy path by writing from where the character will be arriving at the “light at the end of the tunnel”.
But don’t be fooled. Not by a moment.
This journey Cecily Ross will have to go through is not easy at any moment.
The first chapter gives us a glimpse of what it was like for Cecily to feel as if she were living at the bottom of a pit. Throughout the book, Varina Denman gently peeled Cecily’s whole story with compassion, honesty and bravery and I was left heartbroken and without words. Speechless for all the abuse and damage that made her feel handicapped, invalid, and worthless. But also, I was speechless for her strength, her perseverance and  ability to let herself feel after everything she’d been through. She has a lot of fight in her, and this journey she is in is also about learning to use this fight for her and not against her.

In my opinion this book is for everyone. With no exception.
It is a book that is not afraid to point out how judgemental we can be, as well as how tightly we hold on to misconceptions of one another. It also shows how cruel we can be and the deep scars that are left behind – scars that will hunt you for a long while and blind you to a point that you don’t recognize yourself for who you truly are.
This book points out how we need to be brave enough to open up to one another, and also to never forget to show one another respect and dignity, which can be done by the simple acts of listening and inviting.
All characters in this book have some kind of challenge and I enjoyed how slowly and purposefully the author revealed and dealt with each struggle. Each journey challenges us to question our misconstruction that some people live “the perfect life” and “have everything”.

The journeys recounted throughout this book are not easy ones because the characters had to come face-to-face with a fact that may not be easy to acknowledge. But it is truth and there is a promise that truth can set you free!
Each one of us may not have a brave and shocking Shanty or a timid and sweet hearted Nina in our lives. Or even a friendly doctor who hears your fears and speaks some truths into your life. But I think one of the invitations left from the book is for us to try to be these things in another person’s life. Because to help another is an act of love, and might just be where healing is. It might just be where you find yourself and discover you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
And when you look in the mirror, the lies won’t have a stronghold into your heart anymore, because truth is deeply rooted 🙂

You can check my full review here.


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