Summer Reading

For the month of June, I have decided to chose a few that have been released/will release in summer to help you build up your summer TBR pile 🙂

Stay tuned in July for my Middle of the Year Retrospective – when I will talk more about books that have already been released!

Cheers and Happy Readings!



“Catching the Wind” by Melanie Dobson: I was immediately taken by this engrossing story of forgiveness, redemption and grace. During WWII, a young Dietmar fled Germany to save his best friend Brigitte. However, in England, they got separated…
Present day, Quenby Voughn receives a mysterious call from a evidently rich costumer wanting her to help him find someone he has lost. Cautious at first, Quenby’s heart will soon be won over by the story of two children trying to fight for their lives during a war torn world. What the young journalist didn’t expect was to be confronted with her own hurtful past and fears. But maybe the incredible story of survival will help Quenby find the healing she needs. I applaud the author for being brave enough to link an atrocity that happened years ago with an equally wrenching reality in the present that we need to open our eyes to.


“The Noble Servant” by Melanie Dickerson: one of my favorite stories of all time is “The Goose Girl” and I was very excited when I learned Melanie Dickerson would do a retelling. This story is about holding on and fighting for truth when it seems that the entire world is against you and you just can’t find your way out. Lady Magdalen and Steffan’s stories come together when unexpected circumstances make them lose their own identities and, consequently, have to work as servants to survive. I adored Magdalen from the start. But I was surprised at how Steffan didn’t call my attention from the start. Quite the contrary… but oh it didn’t take long for him to show a noble side. I appreciated the work and transformation the author did with his character.




“My Unexpected Hope” by Tammy L. Gray: if you enjoy books that talk about difficult issue with honesty, compassion and enough wisdom to not throw stones but also doesn’t appraise a wrong decision, then you have to read Tammy L. Gray’s books! Specially this one. Laila and Chad have been sweethearts since their teen years and the years have made them completely and somewhat blindly dependent on each other – in a way that sometimes they lie and seem like they are carefully walking on eggs just to not upset the other. However, years pass and their wedding has ended in heartbreak and divorce. Back in town to face his demons and try to win back his wife, Chad will have to be brave enough to open up to find the source that can keep him strong and help him through temptations and challenges ahead. Laila, on the other hand, is ready to say goodbye to the past and start over. At least she thinks she is… what she doesn’t realize is that she is running and hiding. With the help of a fantastic set of secondary characters, Laila and Chad came out of this journey stronger, wiser, more in love and with a faith that is able to move mountains.




“A Name Unkown” by Roseanna M. White: life has made Rosemary Gresham weary of rich people, and, consequently, she finds it fine to rob from them to help provide for her family of urchins. When a mysterious benefactor hires Rosemary for her talent in sneakiness, she come face-to-face with an opportunity to gain enough money that will allow her family to live without worrying for a considerate time. What she doesn’t expect is that her victim, Peter Holstein, accused of maybe being a spy for Germany, has more compassion than she cares to admit and does not fill the mold she has built for wealthy and plush gentleman. Peter Holstein’s world, on the other hand, is going to turned upside down by this librarian that makes more noise than he appreciates but is also capable of opening his eyes to situations he had never taken into consideration and help him find the courage within himself.


“The Writing Desk” by Rachel Hauck: this book caught me completely by surprise and I highly recommend it! Tenley and Birdie are such strong and likable characters. Tenley is a just-turned best selling author. An unexpected event that she is still learning how to cope with. This accomplishment has brought many expectations upon her and also some harmful negative comments that she gives more credit to rather than believing in her own competence. Birdie is a woman ahead of her time, and isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. However, when her happiness is put in jeopardy, will she have the courage to fight for what she wants, even if it means going against the norms of her time?
These two women will have to be brave enough to begin a unceertain journey in order to find, purpose, mercy, hope and love begins.



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    1. Hey Miracle! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I’m mostly active on Goodreads, where I make a list of books I might be interested in. If they’re up-coming books, I’ll apply for an ARC through NetGalley, mostly Christian fiction. So, yeah, I would consider reviewing a particular book.

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